HOWEVER THEY CAN STILL BE ORDERED via Bob Rouse (click to email)


To see some photos of the weekend click here (thanks to Alan Turner and Carol Green)

Classic Bike's workshop guru, Rick Partington, has done an excellent write-up on the event,

click to read

Note Rick's wise words re the type of machine it's best to use, a VMCC eligible superbike is welcome but as much

or more fun might be had on a Honda Cub, after all 85 million people can't be wrong!


British Two Stroke Club's Edwin Clarke has again produced a youtube video of this year's event, note sound only with video sections

(Edwin rode a very nice Ariel Arrow in the event)


To see an example of the enthusiasm, skill and wife's level of support(!) of our entrants, read Dave Bradley's account of the restoration of his now immaculate R50 BMW here the article was first published in the BMW club's excellent magazine.


To see who entered in 2014 (programme list only) click the picture




Alan Abrahams Funeral was held on Friday 23rd May at Medway Crematorium

Messages of condolence can be seen here. To add your message email the address below, photos also welcome



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  entry on sunday is by programme £5 on the day - run riders free since they will be displaying their bikes

++++ all proceeds go to charity ++++


Planning to view the motorcycles

Machines on show date from the 1900's through to the late 1980’s. 


Scroll down for a flavour  of the times

Plus our favourite for each era  

Lets hear a 1957 jukebox recorduse the back button to return from any sound file


In 1961 we listened to

Push in the cassette

Slide in the CD

1940's and earlier


Wind up the gramaphone

It's twenties music...

It's the new wax cylinder

                                                                                                                                                              PS try clicking the favourite motorcycle images

West Kent Section website http://www.westkentsection.webspace.virginmedia.com/

includes some 2012 IWKR pictures

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