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Click here to read an excellent article on the 2013 event, courtesy of the MZ Riders Club


Milan Prustomersky rode his 150cc CZ from Prague via Paris and London see his video here it's really good!


BTSC stalwart Edwin Clarke produced a mix of stills and short videos of the 2013 event here


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The Avenue of Clubs stands are fully booked. For an Autojumble entry please use this form 

  entry on sunday is by programme £5 on the day - run riders free since they will be displaying their bikes

++++ all proceeds go to charity ++++


Planning to view the motorcycles

Machines on show date from the 1900's through to the late 1980’s. 

Scroll down for a flavour  of the times

Plus our favourite for each era  

Lets hear a 1957 jukebox recorduse the back button to return from any sound file



In 1961 we listened to

Push in the cassette

Slide in the CD

1940's and earlier



Wind up the gramaphone

It's twenties music...

It's the new wax cylinder

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West Kent Section website http://www.westkentsection.webspace.virginmedia.com/

includes some 2012 IWKR pictures


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